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Latinskaya Amerika

Note to authors

Due to reconsideration by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia   of the List of referenced editions recommended by Russian Higher Attestation Commission List the Latinskaya Amerika is notifying you about changes in the standards of formatting the articles introduced.

Latinskaya Amerika

unique for Russia and the entire Commonwealth of Independent States an ultimate multi-discipline professional edition in Russian covering the most pressing theoretical and science-practical issues of Iberoamerica;

depicts a wide panorama of the Iberia-American world, publishes exclusive interviews with presidents, statesmen, ministers, politicians, diplo-mats, members of parliaments and the society leaders as well as by prominent businessmen, representatives of culture and art, and the internationally recognized writers from Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

is included in the list of referenced editions recommended by Russian Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) to publish articles by seekers of scientific degrees;

is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI);

being distributed across Russia and beyond among scientists, scholars, and university students as well as personnel of Ministries of Exterior, parliamentarians and business representatives.


The Latinskaya Amerika does justifully form part of the leading editions in the field of national and regional studies both in our country and in the world (A.V.Torkunov, Rector MGIMO (University) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Exterior, Academician of Russian Academy of Science, 2009).

A significance of your journal is very high, no doubt. It is a unique scientific edition a source of the most complete and objective information about the societies, culture, and traditions of the Latin American countries, their economics and politics. It helps our nations better understand each-other (Russian Federation Minister of Culture A.A.Avdeev, 2010). 

The path completed by this journal demonstrates that, long before the nations and entire regions had become closer as a result of globalization, even despite the dividing distances, your journal was performing a noble mission of distributing a vital information on the most important events taking place in Latin America. The journal has been publishing articles of the Latin-American authors representing all spheres of the political, economic, and cultural life of this region (Ney Lopez, President of the Latin-American Parliament, 2005).

Throughout its long-term history, journal has been making a great contribution into scientific comprehension of the processes unfolding inside the Latin-American and Caribbean nations. The articles published by the journal stand out by their deep analysis of political, cultural, and social-economic life of the region. Also, they have been enlightening a wide spectrum of the Russia-Latin Americas cooperation. This is a good, useful journal (C.V.Lavrov, Russian Federation Minister of Exterior, 2009).


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