Institute of Latin American Studies
Russian Academy of Sciences

Founded in 1961, the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ILA RAN) is currently the largest European center, conducting integrated fundamental researches of economic, socio-political, cultural and international aspects of the modern development of the states and peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and the countries of the Iberian Peninsula - Spain and Portugal.

The Institute examines current problems of Russia\'s cooperation with these countries, developing perspective directions to optimize relationships with them on a bilateral and multilateral basis.

ILA is also engaged in consulting work by request of state, public and private sector organizations, cultural-educational and publishing activities.

Over the years, the Institute has issued more than 500 monographs and collections of articles. Annually the Institute is publishing about 10 different titles. ILA publishes a monthly magazine "Latin America" and a quarterly magazine Iberoamérica in Spanish. Periodically publishes scientific bulletin "Analytical notebooks ILA RAN". The library of the Institute, with about 100 thousand volumes, is one of the largest in the world treating contemporary problems in Latin America and the Caribbean.

ILA RAN maintains relations with more than 200 foreign research centers, carries out more than 40 programs and agreements on scientific cooperation with universities and research centers in Latin America and the Caribbean, USA, Europe and Asia.

The Institute monthly holds scientific conferences, symposia, round tables and seminars with the participation of Russian and foreign scientists. Provides training of experts of the highest qualification at the level of  Ph.D. and Doctor of Sciences.

Address: Moscow, 115035, B. Ordynka. 21

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